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The Twilight movie via Entertainment Weekly

Posted by nchcplteens on July 17, 2008

The cover of the new Entertainment Weekly doesn’t cast Edward in the best light…at least make-up wise. What do you think?


22 Responses to “The Twilight movie via Entertainment Weekly”

  1. billie said

    i think hes hot with makeup or not

  2. Mina said

    I think hes in the perfect lighting.I don’t think any of the cullens should not even have a shade of pink on them it just ruins the whole thing with them being vampires.
    Hes supposed to be pale he is a vampire Duhh.
    And Bella looks so pretty in this picture but they just
    needed to make her eyes Dark Brown since thats how it is in the
    book. But everything else i give two thumbs up(: !

  3. britteny said

    I think that he does not need to wear make up only when he is suppose to be pale. He cute with ou tall the stuipd make up an dmy friend Mary Ellen disagrees with me, but she loves him with and with out his make up.

  4. Dina said

    I think his make up is fine but they screwed up the hands lol

  5. margarett swan said

    i think wachumaraha and he is very sexy

  6. Cecilia said

    He looks more like the book description here…

  7. isabella said

    edward cullun/rob pattinson is the hottest guy i have ever seen in my hole life….
    i usually DO NOT I MEAN DO NOT obsess over any thing but i have scince i seen the commercial i have been so obsessed over the whole thing!!!!!!

  8. marie said

    you all are wrong him and bella make the perfect couple. Edward is sooooooooooo hot!!!!!! He deserves an award for being so hot!!!! (: And bell a deserves him. He will never choose any of us because he has found his loved one for ever!!!!! so leave him alone.

  9. natalia said

    the movie is fabulos. I love of edward cullen o robert pattinson. the best movie

  10. ai said

    Ahmm…i don’t have any comment about his make up but definitely he still cute…hehehe…

  11. cat said

    I looooooooooooooooooove him allllllll the waaaaaaaaaaaay with makeup or not def HOTTIE!!

    I ❤ Edward

  12. Melissa R. said

    Ugh. They have it all wrong here! I dare NOT to see the movie for fear of disappointment. Edward is supposed to resemeble “beauty, elegance, grace”. In the book it is mentioned that vampires look beautiful as a means of attracting prey. As for Bella, this portrait does NO justice for her at all. I’ve read the entire saga and the character of Bella is NOT the type to be DONE UP in makeup like a french whore. She even hates it when Alice paints her toe nails! It is her simplicity in the book that attracts Edward to her. He sees her true beauty. Hollywood always screws things up!!! Eve Stephenie Meyer admits to being scared when asked if a movie could be done. She didn’t know what to expect. If the director of Twilight was replaced already, then I will NOT watch it. Such a shame. I will re-read the saga rather than destroy the plot, themes, and characters.

  13. alexandra said


    the pic is beautiful and edwaed cullen is


    bye bye friends fands of twilinght

  14. nees said

    for me Edward n Bella make a perfect couple…they mean to be together.and i love to watch n read the book again n again.

  15. Jo said

    He looks just like hes supposed to – a vampire! However he looks I would give my soul and mortality to him without a second thought!

  16. Richelle said

    I think he’s super sexii! i can’t stop watch the movie twilight i keep on watching it every single day non stop! i don’t the that edward is ugly with makeup, he still looks super gorgeous! *sigh* i wish he can come to my house for like a month and we can like hang out show him off with my friends and family!

  17. Stefani P said

    “Bella” does look beautiful in this picture but I have to agree with Melissa R this picture conflicts with the timid and intriguing Bella from the novels. But I did see the movie (I couldn’t stop myself) and overall I was content with the selection of actors chosen except for it just me or does he look like a Star Trek character? He’s supposed to be absolutely striking, no nurse would be distracted by that face.

  18. Emma bear said

    I think Edward is soooooooooo hot! But they screwed up the picture!!! He looks like he is going to suck her blood! She looks unconchus. Also I’ve read all the books and I never imagened him that scarie. He looks so mean in tho picture!

  19. Ajtana said

    Edward is wery hot and the movie is the best that i have seen for s long time…I love vampires and after watcing this movie i soo got into this whole yhing,im like obssesed!Anyway,makeup should be like the one from the movie…hes hair color is different it should be more darker…Love you movie twiolight and can wait for second movie.mmm i feel human blood…

  20. bob said

    whats up with the apple

  21. scarlett said

    Even though i have seen the movie twice now, i seem to agree with ‘Melissa .R.’ because, although Robert Pattinson and Kristen stuart are beautiful and played their roles in the movie spectacularly, this particular shot of them both means nothing to me. It does not represent the movie or the book one bit in my opinion. stephanie Meyer made the charachtor Bella simple and in a sense, maybe even ‘tomboyish’. this photo does not illistrate her charachtor at all.

    in the end, i loved both the move and the book saga

  22. rachel said

    i agree with brittany .they should’nt have put so much makeup onthem,bella doesn’t really wear makeup in the book description, or even in the movie!! and Edwards comes naturally. But they are totally are the perfect couple of all history!!
    and Edward/Robert is so HOTT(: THE movie and of course the books are the best of all time!! Love them,and is obsessed(and proud of it)TEAM EDWARD CULLEN ROCKS!!(:

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